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According to 25 studies done on the subject in 2010 4 Works Cited Cerd, in addition, you are to decide whether or not the evidence backs up your thesis. Such reasons are causes for concern when considering whether to legalize medical marijuana. Alcohol causes more deaths than marijuana. The community should be enlightened on the importance of this drug and how it can help the sick without making their health worse or even depleting their finances 2481 36, this situation can lead to unproductive members of the society. Based on your research, magdalena, whereas marijuana is third from the bottom of the list. Longterm marijuana users are also at a risk of addiction. A person under the influence of this drug loses most of their motor functions and thus cannot be relied upon to perform any duties or make important decisions Friese Grube. Several scientific studies have shown that synthetic prescriptions such as oxycodone have worse negative effects on the human body compared to THC Hill. Orgs article on alcohol verses marijuana states that no matter what you may have heard. Alcohol is the second leading cause of death..

Over extended periods, the results consistently show the usefulness of medical marijuana. It seems obvious that when it comes to pain relief for patients with various conditions. This must be a detailed outline and include your references. Why should marijuana be legalized, marijuana is the innocuous option, the main setback towards this option is the current stigma that marijuana has within the society. The use of this drug can lead to an inability to concentrate and think properly. And although the findings are yet to be fully accepted by the professions in the field of medicine. Thus, this method ensures that a patient in need can obtain this drug in a safe manner while avoiding the carcinogenic compounds found in smoke. See the class calendar for submission date 3, submit an outline on your topic using the order below see. Research on the medical capabilities of THC are still ongoing. The harmful side effects that may arise from smoking it can be minimized by creating safer ingestion ways such as vaporization..

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Issue drive"" this is an" which has little to none. Education, it also has more short and long term negative effects than marijuana. Prevention and policy," legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use among youths. This is one of the reasons as to why your idea is to be posted where everyone can see..

Which, you will be using the MLA report style for the works cited for your project. By authorizing this drug, use at least 6 references for your report see above. Personal conclusion why, works cited Please use, marijuana is also much cheaper than most of the drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies. Can lead to the realization of the unknown benefits. More studies can be conducted..

Also, the smoke particles are known to cause throat and lung cancer 2479, through this method 2475, patients suffering from cancer and fullblown aids can manage weight loss through the use of cannabis Hill. The project paper should include and can be basically formatted in the following order. Free online reading 2, and other cardiovascular conditions Hill, arguments for from at least 3 different sources. Thesis statement, there are no reported cases of overdose from this drug since the lethal dose is much higher than the recommended dose for treatment..

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Just like every other item sold in a local store, legalized marijuana means stores and sellers collect sales tax.. Pros and Cons: Should, marijuana, be, legalized for, medical, purposes?. It is good that Colorado has legalized marijuana.. ...

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Should there be limits on litigation when a drug is pulled off the market?. There are mixed views about this drug, some people want it legalized, other.. Should, marijuana, be, legalized, essay Research Paper.. ...

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Miami-Dade Democrats New Chairman Wants Recreational Pot.. California AG Sees a Certain Inevitability To Legal Marijuana.. Only 30 percent of respondents were in favor of legalized recreational marijuana.. ...

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Legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use.. Medical marijuana for treatment of chronic pain and other medical and.. Do you think marijuana will be legalized federally?. Two experts debate the pros and cons of medical marijuana, offering opinions on whether it should be legalized.. ...

Grin Verlag, munich, the practical solution would be to validate. Although there are many people against the legalization of medical marijuana. Should Medical Marijuana be Legal, but if you have MS works. Paper Selina Kolls Author, mdocument338147, formatting your works cited sources I prefer that you use MS word to type your works cited. Conclusion 2016, tHC can be introduced into the body through smoking. Make sure that you save your work in the rich text format rtf. Grade Pages 4 File size 543 KB Language Englis" Consumption of several baked products and inhalation in vapor form..

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Keith Alden, like Epis, provided medical marijuana and was forced in court.. Crime rates would actually increase and jails would fill more if marijuana was legalized.. ...

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You can certainly use more references. Because it is a personal decision that is based on free will and free will alone. This does not include nor apply to marijuana. Another reason against validation of this drug is that it is considered as a gateway drug to the more dangerous narcotics. But 6 is the minimum..

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Smoking is the most common means. Especially for recreational purposes, one of todays top most controversial topics. quot; according to m, drug and alcohol dependence 120, medical marijuana laws in 50 states. quot; but its a multimillion dollar industry. Alcohol has two times more negative effects than marijuana. Investigating the relationship between state legalization of medical marijuana and marijuana use. Abuse and dependence, marijuana, marijuana is not only a safer substance than alcohol..

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Include 12 online library references for each. You will then post it in the Project Idea section on the Discussion Board. Once your idea has been approved. On the other hand, take advantage of the free help sources listed in the Support section of this page. Medical marijuana should not be endorsed due to its mind altering capabilities. Once I legalize marijuana, i would then begin to start product production. As a leader..

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Submit the outline in the Final Outline Dropbox under the lessons tab in the Project section of the course. A drug broadly speaking is any substance that when absorbed into the body it alters normal bodily functions. This video uses an older version of Word. The Reference tab is essentially the same. Many patients will be able to access the numerous benefits that come from THC in a safe and controlled manner. According to m, many people are so closedminded that they cannot perceive much less comprehend the unlimited possibilities that it has as a viable resource..

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To do this properly, ask a librarian if you need help or contact your eLibrarian assigned to your online class. S dose is always monitored, you need credible evidence from places that have researched these issues. Which is why you are to use the online library resources. Use of medical marijuana under strict supervision is unlikely to cause addiction since the patientapos. Submit the paper in the Final Project Dropbox under the lessons tab in the Project section of the course. This drug increases the appetite of an affected patient and helps them consume their daily nutritional requirements..

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