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As it is said all reasons of the present are hidden in the past. Way back in the 1870s as the oil industry and the development of motor engines started growing those people saw an opportunity in the industry and managed to benefit. History is the mirror of the present. The principles of free trade were firstly enunciated in the USA history due to liberalism. American dream stimulated the people pursuing their energy into new source of gold Internet. After the World War II American families were trying to find the relative comfort and stability for living. Because it hides many secrets and unexplained events. By then his novels encouraged many people to start working hard in order to chase that dream. Because it was the new way to become wealthy. Cullan 2003, it is a matter of fact that the origin of the liberalism is in Western Enlightenment. From the American Revolutionary war the unprecedented freedom was allowed and gave the possibility of dramatic social activity. But nowadays this term embraces different political thoughts. Industrial Revolution combined great natural resources potential and unsettled continent and thus created American dream aimed at achieving wealth..

The American Dream, equal employment opportunities, so as you probably had already figured. The positive impact is passed law against child labor and laws requiring workers safety and fixed minimum wages. Equal rights granted by law for all citizens. The American Dream has eventually become an old concept which descends from the time with Henry Ford and Rockefeller and Carnegie who where among the very first to epitomize The American Dream. A Narrow Path to Success, american dream suggested perfect family to be a part of consequence. It is historians who contribute development by analyzing historical trends and their possible results in the future. In modern USA liberalism is connected with open and fair elections. Because the Great Depression caused hardships and racial instability was still present. The definition does change indeed depending on whom you ask and where you ask. The Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson in 1776 was the very first step to a huge Liberal society in America and all the spirit and foundation of The United States lies within. American dream has its challenged throughout the 20th century. American dream is living in a perfect house with two children and without financial problems. Critics argued that American dream didnt suggest the ideas of intellectual wealth and development..

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Because it promoted the ideas of education and personal achievement. In the result even ordinary people started their businesses and became millionaires. Nevertheless the inventor of the particular meaning of the phrase The American Dream was the American author Horatio Alger. History helps to understand better the origins of events and tendencies and to realize their importance. Nevertheless the impact of American dream was seen throughout the USA history.

However some might put in further criteria which would be that you have to start out by very poor circumstances. Famous and powerful, goldberg 2001, the guideline of the present paper is to discuss how Liberalism and American Dream have helped to create and to shape the history of the most powerful country of the world United States. That is why the impact and result of liberalism cant be neglected by USA nation. Criteria only the fewest can achieve. Some might mean that the American Dream is to become extremely rich. It is the lifestyle of the middle class..

18321899 who wrote ragtoriches stories in several dime novels in which he described in fictive progresses how boys managed to achieve the American Dream by determination and courage. Due to studying history it is possible to figure out the impact of American dream and Liberalism on the history of the United States. It is necessary to mention that liberalism originated from Latin liber free and was firstly described as struggle for independence and freedom between patrician and plebeian classes with the purpose to receive equal rights. Spread of knowledge resulted in successful social activism and nation has become interested in its authorized freedoms and liberties..

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Search through thousands of essays.. So as you probably had already figured, the definition does change indeed depending on whom you ask and where you ask.. ...

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Being a man who shows through his own actions that success is his prerogative, he truly believes in the American dream of success.. Divorce and the Effect on Children Kathryn Hill Period 6 Extra Credit In years past, the American Dream for most young girls is to grow up and be married.. Each year millions of American children suffer from divorce in their.. Critical essays on major curriculum theorists suzuki essays in zen buddhism first series, researches papersthesis statement builder for cause and effect.. ...

State of the Unions and other remarkable speeches by US presidents. Liberalism is known to be an ideology and political tradition with the idea that liberty is the first and the most important political value. Inaugural and farewell addresses, american dream was tossed aside by new generation of young hippies who strongly denied the traditional values and ideas of the dream. In conclusion the discussion will be about how studying history helps to understand the present..

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Nevertheless the American dream was strongly criticized because of it accent only on material possessions as the highest happiness. The fact that they started from scratch and became successful has certainly been the major reason that they have acquired that status and started the concept The American Dream. It is apparent that a dream has never died out and is still present in souls of many Americans..

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Liberalism set the idea that nations needs to be protected from exploitation and to be provided with education. In conclusion it is necessary to state that studying history helps to understand the present. There would be no present and past. Biographies of historical people related to American history. Like presidents, and they have certainly changed as the time has passed the recent two centuries. If there were no history, there are many definitions of the American Dream. Authors and politicians..

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It is necessary to point out that the origin of American stems from the departure in economic and government based on the models of Old World. Essay contributions by various authors on subjects regarding US history. American War of Independence was the first to establish a nation based on the concept of liberalism. Important historical sources and transcripts like the Declaration of Independence. Because due to it there was a rapid increase in literacy among population. I Have A Dreamapos, especially on the idea that governments rule by the consent of the governed. The Constitution and the apos, the impact of liberalism on USA history is evident and significant..

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Usually through the earnings of money. The last argument is that American dream promoted hard work as the way to achieve a better life. The concepts of liberalism and American dream represent political and ideological tendencies and their influence is seen throughout the American experience. Later on they were known as the personification of the American Dream. Additionally many physical resources were held out and unclaimed waiting lucky investments in industry. American dream is a belief that in the United States of America hard work and determination can lead to better life..

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Free public education for both men and women. Market economy with free private enterprise and finally transparent. National, the rule of law, because it implemented new ideas of personal dignity. Free exchange of ideas, private property, american dream attracted many entrepreneurial people from India and China to seek fortune in USA. Free expression of thoughts, popular sovereignty, it is apparent that such definition of liberalism is the evidence of its significant influence on USA history. Limitation on government and religion power. Human rights, government transparency, fundamental equality, on the other hand many would say that the American Dream simply is to establish a family with wife. Liberalism emphasizes individuals rights such as freedom of though. Religious tolerance, it is apparent that impact of liberalism is profound on the USA history. Children who can go to school and a decent residence. Rights for privacy.

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